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The Cleansing Power of Selenite

What is selenite?

Selenite is a crystal clear variety of gypsum that is found on every continent on the globe however there is an abundance found in parts of Mexico and the United States. It is found growing in sheets but also can be found growing in “blades”. Selenite is usually found in caves or evaporated bodies of water. It is a pale stone that looks like the moon.

What is selenite used for?

Selenite is a very cleansing crystal that is sold in its pure form, or shaped into wants, discs, spheres and many other shapes. I personally use selenite to cleanse and remove unwanted energies from my home, my reiki room and other crystals and gemstone jewelry that I wear. I have a cluster of selenite that I rest my pendulum on, a round flat disc that I rest my crystals on and I also have a sphere that I keep in my reiki room. I typically cleanse my selenite during the full moon by leaving them outdoors to bath in the moonlight however Selenite is SELF CLEANSING! Selenite is named after Selene, the Greek Goddess of the moon.

Selenite is good for:



Cleansing and charging other crystals


Helps with memory

Griding and protecting the home

What metaphysical properties does selenite have?

Selenite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is associated with intuition, perception, physic abilities and connection with the spiritual realm. Selenite helps to open the Third Eye Chakra and the space between the Third eye and Crown Chakra, enhancing emotional processing, clear thinking and clairvoyant abilities.

What are the healing properties of Selenite?

Selenite is a high vibrational stone that enhances mediation, connection with spirit guides, improves intuition and raises your vibrational frequency. Selenite is able to gently remove negative energies and replace them with positive energy, especially if used in a wand form.

How is selenite used during a Reiki session?

A Selenite wand can be used to remove unwanted energies and tension prior to the start of a Reiki session. The wand is waved from the crown energy center to the subjects feet. Selenite stone can also be used for chakra balancing during a reiki session to restore balance.

To learn more about Selenite, contact Kim at

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