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My Story

My life has been a series of extreme highs and lows.  There has been a tremendous amount of joy, like the birth of my 2 children but also tremendous suffering and pain, like the traumatic affair that ended my marriage 5 years ago.  I have struggled with issues of abandonment, fear of being alone and self-doubt.  It took almost 47 years to find my truth and begin my journey of self-discovery and healing.  In 2016, after my marriage ended, I started to have a spiritual awakening.  I remember the feelings and knowing I was on the right path.  My crown chakra tingled all day.  I was meditating and seeing signs in nature.  I started to understand the healing powers of crystals.  But then soon after, my Ego and I fell into yet another toxic relationship that tested my emotional stability more than my broken marriage did.  The Law of Detachment states you must sit in the uncertainty and be free from past conditioning to truly understand yourself and your path. Finally after 3 years, I slowly began the start of my TRUE awakening and discovered the path that has lead me to SELF-LOVE, Self-Worth and Self-Respect.  

I now know that to be truly happy, one must find their calling and be their authentic self.  I am a leader, a friend, a mother/sister/daughter, a business owner, an empath, a creative light, and a channeler of healing. 

I practice mediation, energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal work, yoga and tarot. Through the divine light of Source, I am blessed to bring healing to others by enhancing the life force energy that flows through every living thing.  


My Approach

Reiki is a means of healing through the energy and light provided by Source.  By providing Reiki, I am merely acting as a conduit for this energy to be passed through and provided to individuals who seek it.  

A reiki session begins with a brief prayer session done silently, and then I use sage to cleanse the energy in my patients, the room, the table and myself.  I use a pendulum to indicate any areas within the emotional or physical body that may need extra time.  Sometimes I will also use crystals for a treatment.  The setting is relaxing, comfortable and tranquil. 

During the next 45-60 minutes, using a series of hand positioning, healing energy is provided.  

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